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Oral Surgeons Explain What Coconut Oil Can Do for Dental Health

shutterstock 76355332 300x223 Oral Surgeons Explain What Coconut Oil Can Do for Dental HealthIf you have been on Pinterest lately, you know that coconut oil is a common DIY tool in the health and beauty department. Coconut oil has shown benefits in hair care and skin care, but now, scientists have found an even better use for the natural ingredient. Our Pocatello oral surgeons will explain how coconut oil can benefit your teeth be preventing cavities.

Severe Tooth Decay Leads to Tooth Extraction

At our oral surgery office in Pocatello, we see how severe tooth decay can create much bigger issues. Cracked teeth are often a cause of untreated cavities. A severely deteriorated tooth is weak against chewing pressure and teeth grinding. If a tooth is cracked all the way through or to the tooth root, our oral surgeons must perform a tooth extraction. While addressing cavities as soon as possible can save you the devastation of losing a tooth, cavity prevention is your best option for optimal oral health.

Cavity Prevention with Coconut Oil

This is where new research in coconut oil comes into the picture. According to Medical News Today, Athlone Institute of Technology researchers in Ireland discovered antibacterial properties in coconut oil that can benefit teeth. When partially digested, an enzyme in coconut oil battles the bacteria responsible for tooth decay. S. mutans, or streptococcus mutans are the pathogens that metabolize sugar into lactic acid, which decays your teeth. Digested coconut oil stops the spread and multiplication of S.mutans, minimizing their damage to your teeth.

The Future of Natural Toothpaste Ingredients

Dr. Damien Brady of the Irish research team hopes that the coconut oil enzyme may one day be added to toothpastes and other oral hygiene products as a natural antibacterial agent. In the mean time, our Pocatello oral surgeons, Dr. Baker and Dr. Jepsen, encourage you to maintain proper oral hygiene routines including fluoridated toothpaste and flossing.

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